To do by Lake Annecy: let the party begin…!

Every first Saturday in August, the shore of Lake Annecy becomes the scene of an extraordinary spectacle. During this annual meeting, a real staging mixing fireworks, songs and dance is proposed to the public coming from the four corners of France. The city of Annecy welcomes artists, but also talented pyrotechnicians. Besides, the Lake Festival remains to this day the biggest pyrotechnic show in Europe. The choreography of a dozen acts goes perfectly with fireworks of all imaginable colors. For almost two hours, this scene between lake and mountain keeps spectators in suspense.

This year's edition was a real success

As usual, the Annecy Lake Festival was a great success. The 2019 edition was held on Saturday August 3, 2019. True to its original concept, this event took place by the lake. Young and old could enjoy the 70 minutes of pyrotechnics and shows. It was a real thrill festival. The sound of fireworks accompanied by music made you dream. The water games were also on the program for this 89th salvo of an almost centenary event. Nearly 20,000 people were able to admire this moment when all the senses were awakened. From the grandstands, comfortably seated, this beautiful world paid to attend a unique show between lake and mountain. Called “Dreaming of Heaven” for this edition, this paid entertainment was a success. Camping Annecy have had the privilege of attending this major cultural program in Haute-Savoie. In normal times, this department bordering on Switzerland is talked about thanks to its rarely clear water. Its regional natural park is also the star attraction of this part of France.

Festivities whose origins go back a very long time

The history of the Annecy Lake Festival dates back to the 19th century. The event took root during the reign of Napoleon III. The very first edition took place in 1860. It was a great popular jubilation on the occasion of the attachment of Savoy to France. The king of the time imagined a Venetian feast taking place between lake and mountains. Musical competitions were added to the festivities in 1905. In the Roaring Twenties, night shows became the centerpiece of the gathering. Despite interruptions, the tradition became a veritable institution from 1930. In the inter-war period, the date was set for the first Saturday in August. At that time, vacationers come to enjoy the Old Town. The latter is also called the Venice of the Alps. This comes from the presence of a navigable canal crossing the districts. Besides, the edge of the lake is a few meters from the village in some places. From the 1970s, camping in Annecy became trendy. Currently, several renowned establishments offer the rental of mobile homes on the waterfront. Among the most cited examples, you have the L’Idéal camping Annecy. Located on the edge of Lake Annecy and at the foot of the Bauges mountains, this campsite welcomes you in a comfortable mobile home in a magnificent natural environment. As the name suggests, this campsite is ideal if you want to reconnect with nature.

The holidays will get even better in Annecy

The next lake festival will be on August 1, 2020. For the organizers, this will be an opportunity to do better than previous editions. More than 600 square meters of shooting range will have to be provided for the fireworks. The pyrotechnic program was held over 2.35 km. Technicians will do better than 7.6 tonnes of explosives, or about 16,000 explosions to hear and see. Among the public, it will be necessary to distinguish more than 498 different kinds of fires. Fountains and jets will also increase in number. For recent editions, more than sixty fire engines and as many high-power projectors have ensured the show. In the next salvo, more than 700 people including nearly 300 professionals will be part of the team. If habits are maintained, tickets will go on sale in April. People with reduced mobility are welcome in the stands. The name of the master fireworker who will orchestrate the next show remains to be discovered.

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